The following properties under the stewardship of the Barrington Land Conservation Trust are not open to the public due and are preserved for conservation purposes only. Land Trust volunteers steward and monitor these properties.  For upcoming walks, visit our Volunteer Page. For more information, email Executive Director Cindy Elder.

Almeida Woods – Donated June 27, 2007, by Alfred and Kathleen Almeida; .13 acres of treed swamp, land on public bike path across from ball field near YMCA. 

Annawamscutt Brook – a gift of Mr. and Mrs. John Baird, 1992; Approx. 1 1/4 acres of woodland on both sides of the Annawamscutt (Richmond) Brook.

Aurora Neck – title acquired from Town of Barrington, 2003. .66 acres of upland and saltwater marsh on the Palmer River.

Aurora Point – donated by Helen LaFrancois; .5 acres of saltwater marsh on the Palmer River.

Barlow Land – Spring Ave – Located on Spring Avenue.

Barlow Land – Read Ave – Located on Read Avenue.

Beech Tree Court – A gift of Alfred and Kathleen Almeida, 1992, ; Approx. 3 acres marshland, 2.5 acres woodland, and 2/3 acre conservation easement (also woodland).

Bourne Lane Marshlands – Located on the Warren River, to the south of Bourne Lane.  Donated by Richard C. Philbrick, Chester Files and Virginia Vartan through the R.I. Audubon Society in 1986. 

Brickyard Pond Kinder Addition – Located off Nayatt Road near Middle Highway, adjacent to Nugent and Robertson tracts. Donated by Daniel Kinder.

Broomhead/McCamish Marsh – Gift of Nancy Broomhead McCamish, 1982; Approx. 1 acre wetland on Allin’s Cove at end of Pleasant Street.

Burrows Beach – donation of Athur Burrows, 1997; less than 1/10 acre on the Providence River, adjacent to PIC-WIL Nature Preserve.

Calf’s Tongue – Donation of Arthur Church, 1991; 3 acres saltmarsh on the Calf’s Tongue, upper end of Barrington River (includes small island as well). Calf’s Tongue Addition – tax title acquired from Town of Barrington, 1992; 3/4 acre saltwater marsh.

Davidson Conservation Easement – donated by Malcolm and Judith Davidson in May 2003. About 30,000 square feet of woodland with brackish marsh growth behind 20 Bullock Road in Hampden Meadows, bordering on a marsh along the Palmer River. 

Deep Meadow Extension – Four acres of high marsh on the northern reaches of Hundred Acre Cove, and bordering the Massachusetts state line, transferred from the Town of Barrington to the Land Trust in 2006.

DiOrio Marsh – Gift of Domenic and Doris DiOrio, 1985. Approximately. 1.1 acres marsh on the Palmer River, end of Colonial Ave..

Edwin Street Easement – Gift of Nancy Van Nostrand, 1985; 1,300 sq. ft. on Bullock Cove, on Edwin St.

Esther Hill Marsh – Donated by Patricia O’Brien. Adeline Bacon, Janet Gregan, Ruth Neville, Eleanor Brewster, Riley Lamson, and Ruth Boucher, 1999; 18,200 sq. ft. marshland on the east shore of Hundred Acre Cove.

Fain Marsh – Gift of Barnet and Jean Fain; Approx. 4/5 acre high marsh and upland on Smiths Cove at end of Preston Drive.

Fiedler Marsh -a gift of Paul Fiedler, 1979; Approx. l/4 acre marshland on the Palmer River at end of Belvedere Ave.

Gardner Woods – donated by David Gardner on May 1, 2006. About 1/4 acre in size, the property is located along the bike path, part of a forested wetland including vernal pools and over the wellhead protection area.

Gibbs/Barton Land – Gift of Edwin and Barbara Gibbs Barton, 1986; Approx 1 1/3 acres marsh and wooded upland on the Palmer River, off Lillis Street.

Gilbert Marsh – Purchase for $1 from town, tax sale land, 1988; 1 acre saltmarsh on the Calf’s Tongue, upper end of Barrington River.

Hundred Acre Cove – East – tax title acquired from Town of Barrington, 1992; 4.5 acres saltmarsh off Cove Ave. and Mallard Cove development.

Hundred Acre Cove – North – tax title acquired from Town of Barrington, 1992; 1 1/2 acres saltmarsh on either side of creek on west side of the Tongue.

Kaplan Easement – a gift of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kaplan, 1992; Approx. 3/4 acre of woodland; vegetated buffer on Palmer River.

La-Francois-Dante Triangle: 1/4 acre. Donated by Helen LaFrancois, 1/4 acre wooded upland, south of Dante St, access from Dante St.

LaFrancois Point and Woods – Donated October 2007 and 2010 by Helen LaFrancois; saltmarsh, woodland swamp and small tree island on the Palmer River, end of Columbus Avenue. 

Lionshead – a gift of the Downing Corporation, 1992; 4 1/2 acres of red maple swamp on County Road, originally part of the Leander R. Peck Estate.

Long Swamp – title acquired from Town of Barrington, 2003. Approximately .6 acres of red maple swamp in the Hampden Meadows Greenbelt. 

Lowe Marsh – Gift of Ernest and Patricia Lowe, 1985; Approx. 2 1/3 acres of marsh at end of Preston Drive on Smiths Cove.

Mary Paine Marsh – donated by Mary Paine, 1999; 3,200 sq. ft. marshland on west shore of Allins Cove.

McCaffrey Woods – donated October 2005 by Helen LaFrancois and named in honor of her parents, Thomas and Helen McCaffrey.

McCulloch Conservation Easements – Land donated by Norman and Dorothy McCulloch, 2004: 3.14 acres on the Warren River. Land donated December 2007 by Sandy and Dorothy McCullough: lawn, pond and woodland off Adam’s Point Road bordering on Smith Cove. 

Nugent Wetland – a gift of James and Helen Nugent, 1993; About 3 acres on Middle Highway.

Orchard Avenue – a gift from South County Hospital, 1996; Just over 1/2 acre on the Palmer River off of Orchard Avenue.

Papazian Marsh – Gift of Joan and Martin Papazian, 1986; 1/5 acre saltmarsh edge, rear of property of above on Rumstick Circle.

Pinetop Wetland– title acquired from Town of Barrington, 2003; approximately .75 acres pond and wetland off Wampanoag Trail.

River Oaks – Donation and easement from Jay Flanagan and John Grosvenor, 1991; About 2 acres land and 3/4 acre easement at end of River Oaks Road on the Palmer River.

Robertson Wetland – a gift of Jean and Robert Robertson, 1993; About 1/3 acre adjacent to Nugent land on Middle Highway.

Seaview Marsh – Gift of Michael Siino and Robert Saunders, 1986; Over 2 acres of marsh and wooded upland on the Palmer River, end of Seaview Drive.

Shepperton Marsh – donation of the Shepperton family, 1996; about 1.6 acres on the Palmer River, adjacent to Johannis Farm Wildlife Preserve.

Single Easement – a gift of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Single, 1992; Approx. l/2 acre of woodland; vegetative buffer on Palmer River.

Stanley Conservation Easement – Gift of G. Flora Stanley, 1989; 1/2 acre marsh and upland on the Palmer River, near Gibbs land.

The Tongue – tax title acquired from Town of Barrington, 1992; About 4 acres saltmarsh on either side of creek on southern end of Tongue.

Towne-Cyr Conservation Easement – donated by Gregory Towne and Michelle Cyr, 1997; About 2 acres on Little Mussachuck Creek adjacent to PIC-WIL Nature Preserve.

Winquist Marsh – a gift of Carl Winquist, 1992; About an acre of marshland on the Palmer River.

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