The Trust now owns over 285 acres of land in the Town, including Johannis Farm Wildlife Preserve, PIC-WIL Nature Preserve, Sowams Woods and other smaller environmentally sensitive parcels. We hold our properties for the benefit of all the citizens of Barrington.  We cooperate with other nearby land trusts, the Audubon Society and The Nature Conservancy.

Why We Were Organized

We face ongoing pressure to develop all remaining land in town.  To continue our efforts to retain as much of Barrington’s natural vitality as possible, we acquire by gift, conservation easement or purchase (when funds are available) tracts of presently undeveloped land.  We manage this land and concern ourselves with the land’s natural features and with the specific desires of the owners.

How We Help the Town

Donations or easements to us supplement the Town’s open space programs. We work closely with the town Conservation Commission and town officials. However, as a private organization outside the realm of politics, we can move quickly and with great flexibility. We also acquire parcels of land that may be too small for the Town’s consideration.

Every piece of Barrington land set aside for conservation adds to the value of the entire community, as it helps to preserve the beauty and natural health of the town. Experience has shown that land set aside as permanent open space has a restraining effect on future taxes. New homes (which might have been built on the land) represent added tax expense – usually costing more in town services than they generate in tax revenues.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Barrington Land Conservation Trust is to protect and steward our local natural, scenic, historic open spaces. The Barrington Land Conservation Trust advocates on behalf of protection for these lands and works to educate the public about these resources.

How We Help You

Your property will remain valuable as long as Barrington is a desirable place in which to live. The educational and advocacy programs of the Trust have assisted both the Town government and residents in minimizing damaging development and managing properly the Town’s private and public open space. These efforts have a significant positive effect on the overall quality of life in our community.