Board of Directors

Melissa Horne, President, Acquisitions & Planning Chair

Debra Provolo, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair

Victor Lerish, Volunteers and Stewardship Chair

Cindy Pierce, Education Co-Chair

Mary Grover, Education Co-Chair

Ian Donahue, Communications Chair

Norm Dudziak, Science Liason

Richard Waterman, Scouts Projects Coordinator

Catherine Boisseau, at-large

Amy O’Donnell, at-large

Meghan Frost, at-large

Cindy Larson, at-large

Michael Gorfinkle, at-large


Honorary Directors

John E. Bulman

Mary S. Chaffee

Robert D. Kilmarx

Pete McCalmont

Richard C. Philbrick

E. Douglas Rayner

Steven E. Reinert, Science Advisor

Charlotte Sornborger