Board of Directors

Ian Donahue, President, Communications Chair

Debra Provolo, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair

Victor Lerish, Volunteers and Stewardship Chair

Cindy Pierce, Education Chair

Richard Waterman, Scouts Projects Coordinator

Michael Gorfinkle, Secretary

Catherine Boisseau, at-large

Meghan Frost, at-large

Cindy Larson, at-large

Mary Grover, at-large

Andrew Curtis, at-large

Bill Kirkpatrick, at-large

Charlie McCoy, at-large

Steve Boyajian, at-large



Honorary Directors

John E. Bulman

Mary S. Chaffee

Robert D. Kilmarx

Pete McCalmont

Richard C. Philbrick

E. Douglas Rayner

Steven E. Reinert, Science Advisor

Charlotte Sornborger