Sowams Woods

Sowams Woods has a network of woodland trails along the border of Echo Lake. Dogs must be on leashes.

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St. Andrews Farm

St. Andrews Farm features a network of trails through fields and forest with ample parking. Dogs must be on leashes.

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Allin’s Cove

Allin’s Cove features a short path to the beach, sunset views and an expansive tidal cove. Dogs must be on leashes.

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Heritage Woods

Heritage Woods is a woodland trail accessible from Heritage Road or Tall Pines Drive. Dogs must be on leashes.

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Lombardi Park

Lombardi Park is a woodland trail off the East Bay Bike Path, across from Andreozzi Nature Preserve. Dogs must be on leashes.

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Doug Rayner Wildlife Refuge

This Wildlife Refuge features trails through field, forest and shoreline. Dogs are not allowed.

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Andreozzi Nature Preserve

This Preserve features a woodland trail off the East Bay Bike Path. Dogs must be on leashes.

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Mussachuck Grove and Beach

Mussachuck Grove and Beach are accessible by Appian Way. No parking. Dogs must be on leashes.

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Osamequin Nature Preserve

Osamequin is a 32-acre town-owned preserve off Wampanoag Trail. Dogs must be on leashes.

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View the Interactive Map of Properties

Click here to view our interactive map of properties protected by the Barrington Land Conservation Trust. You can sort properties by Public, Limited Access, or Restricted Access, and you can also select properties where dogs on leashes are allowed or not allowed. When you click on a particular property, a box will pop up that shows basic information, including the link to the property website which will provide additional information. In the information box on the right, you can enter a specific property name and it will be highlighted on the map. You can also get a list of properties based on access level, parking availability and properties where leashed dogs are allowed.

Additional Public Properties

These properties have little or no street parking available in the immediate vicinity of the preserve. Please be respectful of neighbors and park in an area where parking is allowed and walk or bicycle to the conservation area. Bicycles are not allowed on the hiking paths. Dogs must be on leashes.

Brickyard Pond Addition: A gift of Daniel Kinder, 1995, with about 1 1/3 acres off Nayatt Road and a few trails off west end of Broadview Drive.

Deep Meadow Bluff: Six acres of wooded upland and marsh on Hundred Acre Cove, with a short trail beginning at the end of Deep Meadow Road. See map.

Tall Cedars Extension: About 1 1/4 acres red maple swamp adjoining Tall Cedars conservation area to the south and 8 acres between Washington Road and Rosedale Avenue to the north. No trails, but can be accessed from Rosedale Avenue. See map.

Vendituoli Farm: The Land Trust acquired this 3 1/4- farm, operated for many years by the Vendituoli Family, in 2018 with significant philanthropic support from the community. The property is now leased to the Barrington Farm School for $1/year.