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Location: Enclosed by the railroad bed/bikepath to the South, by Vialls Drive to the East and North, and by Pine Cone Drive to the West. Hiking trails accessible from corner of Viall’s Drive and Lee Ann Drive.

Donation: 5/17/85 to the Audubon Society of R.I. by Annie J. Andreozzi

Transfer: 5/17/85 to the BLCT from Audubon

Documents: in the Barrington Town Hall, Book 14O, pages 855-8, and Book 152 , page 939

Purpose of acquisition: Donated in memory of Mrs. Andreozzi’s husband, Emilio L. Andreozzi “for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a unique natural area where plants, birds and other forms of animal life, and other features of the natural landscape may exist in their natural state, and for the purpose of permitting appropriate management practices or techniques designed to sustain or increase the number and varieiy of animal and animal and plant species inhabiting the area. ”Appropriate observational, interpretive and educational facilities on the property to further public knowledge and appreciation of plants, animals and natural resources.For specifics, refer to Audubon quitclaim Deed.


1. Paths should be trimmed and recut as necessary to allow for entering and walking about the preserve. Do not cut paths right to the borders, however.

2. Be on the lookout for dumping by neighbors. Minimal deposits of leaves, etc. are acceptable, but any sizable piles should be discussed with the appropriate abutting landowner. Occasional meetings with the abuttors may be necessary.

3. A bridge, built by Tony DeSpirito, as an Eagle Scout project, was put in in 1985 and funded by the Barrington Garden Club. Its condition needs to be checked from time to time, and parts replaced as necessary.

4. The possibility of a walkway onto the wet area for the purpose of “watching” has been suggested, a possible project for the future.

5. The small pond is filling in (1986) and may require some management techniques to keep it open. Communication with the Echo Lake Association may be helpful for this purpose. Approval is always necessary from both DEM and the town for major changes in this area.