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Donated November 2005 by Salvatore Lombardi, Jr., Anthony Lombardi and Joseph Lombardi.The lot includes over 3.37 acres consists of highly desirable, natural open space.Three high school student volunteers worked to clear the plateau overlook across the pond. We plan to add a bench or picnic table this coming spring. The Land Trust will also be working with the state to provide steps or a cut back to form a more convenient permanent access from the bike path into the park’s overlook.  This property which is open to the public has a number of highly desirable conservation features:

  • This scenic and historic site is part of the Sowams National Heritage District. The pond was used for many years in an ice making business. The wells on the original lot were used as a high quality emergency water source by the town after the 1938 hurricane. As a conservation area, this property will continue to protect the quality of water which drains through it and eventually into Narragansett Bay – a nationally designated estuary of importance.
  • This property is a ‘missing link’ between our Andreozzi Nature Preserve which drains into Lombardi Park and on into Echo Lake. By protecting the entire drainage system, we will be in a better position to secure the improving health of the herring run through Big Mussachuck Creek and into Echo Lake – one of only 18 of 45 historic herring runs remaining in Rhode Island. We hope that this gift will encourage Country Club members to consider and approve our protection proposal for adjacent Country Club lands this coming spring.
  • Lombardi Park includes a variety of habitats which are all extremely beneficial to wildlife: mature forest, wetlands and freshwater pond. Over 134 species of birds have been observed at the adjacent Echo Lake wetlands and woods. Many of these woodland birds and waterfowl are considered rare in Rhode Island, but they frequent this area during migration and breeding seasons.
  • Lombardi Park is part of a scenic, green buffer along the East Bay Bike Path which is the oldest and the most heavily used bike path in Rhode Island. The continuous border of trees along the approximately 600 ft boundary with the bike path is a wonderful visual backdrop in the heart of our community. The park overlook will provide a restful halfway stop for cyclists and walkers from across our state.
  • Please be sure to carry out any items you bring when you visit. Removal of any litter you may find is greatly appreciated.
  • We would like to establish a list of birds and other wildlife that use this property; please send a list of any species you observe to