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Location: On a paper street, Ferrier Avenue, between Heritage Road and Tall Pines Drive. Access via drainage ditch on Tall Pines or up Ferrier·more difficult).

Donation: 12/24/86 from Gordon D. Noonan

Recorded: Book 168, page 752 in Barrington Town Hall

Purpose of donation: Land to be preserved and maintained in its natural state

Property description: Largely red maple swamp on the edge of the central Hampden Meadows drainage ditch. About 3/4 acre of red maples, a few oaks and understory of Clethra alnifolia, some Kalmia latifolia. Floor of mayflowers, fern, starflower, ground pine, bracken, with some poison ivy and bull briar. Comprehensive list of plants is on file.

Management: Communication with neighbors advisable to control dumping.