Description: 32 acres of woodland, marsh, ponds, creeks and agricultural fields (28 in Barrington, 4 in Swansea, MA) between Sowams Road and the Palmer River. General access is via right of way off Sowams Road; special access for management and agricultural use only via second right of way north of aforementioned. . Public can access area by Land Trust invitation only. Walks are conducted several times a year.

Tax Assessor’s Plat: #31, Lot #5 and parts of #’s 383,22 and 28 (new #’s 3 and 392); Plat #11, Lot #7 in Swansea

Purchase: Rhode Island Open Space Bonds , Barrington Open Space Bonds, and the Barrington Land Conservation Trust

Donation: 4 acres in Swansea from William Johannis, Jr., Robert Johannis, and Barbara J. Wroten

Documents: Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement, May 1991 and Conservation Easement held by Department of Environmental Management, State of Rhode Island, Book# 204, Pages# 362 , Barrington Town Hall

Purpose of Acquisition: For the establishment of a farm and wildlife preserve in perpetuity to be known as the Johannis Farm Wildlife Preserve; to assure that the premises will be retained forever in its open, natural, scenic, agricultural, ecological or educational condition and to prevent any use of the premises that will significantly impair or interfere with the conservation values of the premises.

The Conservation Easement requires that use will be confined to: protecting and maintaining the State Species of Concern Colicroot Aletris farinosa and the Salt Marsh Bulrush Scirpus maritimus, protecting and maintaining the salt marsh habitat along the Palmer River; protecting and maintaining the scenic vista over the salt marsh and maintaining the open farm fields. Public can access area by Land Trust invitation only.

Management: See Management Plan: Also, see listing of wild plants by Wild Plant Society, 1992