Johannis Farm Wildlife Preserve is located on Sowams Road in Barrington, RI. The entrance lies between 461 Sowams Road and 475 Sowams Road.


Johannis Farm Wildlife Preserve is a 32-acre preserve owned and managed by the Barrington Land Conservation Trust, with 28 acres in Barrington, RI, and 4 acres in Massachusetts. The preserve is part of 100 acres of contiguous undeveloped marsh and upland in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

The Land Trust acquired the 28 acres in Rhode Island in 1990 for $650,000, with funds from 1988 RI Open Space Bonds administered by the RI Department of Environmental Management (DEM), Town Open Space Bonds and Land Trust donors. Four additional acres in Massachusetts were donated by Robert Johannis, William Johannis, Jr., and Barbara Wroten.

The DEM chose to fund the acquisition because it was deemed one of the most valued saltmarsh complexes in the state, with significant scenic and wildlife value and protective value to the Palmer River from floods and stormwater runoff. DEM holds a conservation easement on the property, which requires that public access be limited to visitors who have scheduled appointments with the Land Trust.

Johannis Farm Wildlife Preserve features a diverse habitat, with open fields, deciduous forest, vernal pools, and salt marsh. Four plants at the preserve are designated as “state threatened” or “of concern” in the RI Rare and Endangered Species list: Colic Root, Leafy Bulrush, Seaside Gerardia, and Slimspike Three-awn. The preserve also provides a habitat for resident and migratory birds, an anadromous fish run (for fish that migrate up rivers from the sea to spawn), and state-endangered Diamondback Terrapin turtles.

Access Level:

Johannis Farm Wildlife Preserve is a limited-access property, open only for guided tours or for scheduled research or educational activities.

Know Before You Go:

Dogs are not allowed on this preserve. Guided tours are held several times a year. You may register on our Events page or email Executive Director Cindy Elder.


There is a large grass parking area in the field just beyond the entrance. It is mowed several times a year.