Donated: October 2005 by Helen LaFrancois and named in honor of her parents, Thomas and Helen McCaffrey

Plat 23 Lot 214; Town Hall book: 945, p. 119. BLCT Property #61.

Location: This 0.14 acre lot is located along the paper street portion of Waseca Ave. adjacent to the East Bay Bike Path. It is not currently accessible to the public.


This land has a number of highly desirable conservation features:


It is part of a forested wetland that borders the paper street Waseca Ave. and a drainage stream along the East Bay Bike Path. A study from the 1990’s noted that this area is within the ‘wellhead recharge district’. Drainage from the district flows to the Nayatt wellheads which supply part of our drinking water. This study noted that undeveloped property in the wellhead recharge district, including this parcel, should be considered for acquisition whenever possible to help protect and filter water flowing towards the Nayatt wells.

The lot is part of a scenic, green buffer along the East Bay Bike Path which is the oldest and the most heavily used bike path in Rhode Island. The continuous border of trees along the paper street portion of Waseca Ave. is a wonderful visual backdrop to the bike path right in the heart of our community. The East Bay Bike Path is part of a national bikeway along the east coast from Florida to Maine.

The Land Trust hopes to secure protection for other adjacent undeveloped lots in order to retain the core of this wooded wetland area in its natural condition.