Location: off Nayatt Road near Middle Highway, adjacent to Nugent and Robertson tracts. BLCT Property #43.

Tax Assessor’s Plat#24. Lot #part of 100, Barrington Town Hall

Document: Book #301, Page #94,5

Acquisition: Donation of Daniel Kinder

Purpose of Donation: Land to be kept in its natural state with the following exception: Sarah and Gerald Fogarty, adjoining landowners have been given permission by the Trust to maintain the area mowed at time of donation as a meadow. This permission may be extended to future landowners as determined by Trust stewards.

Property Description: Largely Red Maple Swamp with many exotic species present; southernmost area, grasses.

Management: Checks by stewards for lawn debris from surrounding landowners; continuing communication with the Fogartys encouraged to see how meadow is developing; there may be educational opportunities here.