Location: At end of Beech Tree Court, off Sowams Road, extending to Marsh. BLCT Property #74.

Tax Assessor’s Plat #31, Lot #38, and lot created from eastern portion of #66, and easement on three house lots created from #66.

Documents: Book # 211, Pages # 1124-32, 1138-39, 1140-42, in Barrington Town Tall

Donation: Easement and land donation, 3/11/92 from Alfred and Kathleen Almeida

Purpose of donation: To keep land in its natural state, to add to the protected natural vegetated buffer between developed land and the Palmer River,

Property description:This parcel is in two parts: the conservation easement which begins at the split rail fence, and the donated land, extending to the marshes and river. The woods are mixed oak and red maple, with a small pond. A band of Phragmites separates the woodland from the marsh.

Management: Supervision will be necessary in the easement area to see that home owners do not dump debris, etc. Neighborhood letters should be sent out every few years, along with the conservation easement sheets. The easement is not a place for pets, children, etc. The pond should be checked for debris at regular intervals. Lot owners are responsible for the upkeep of the fences.