Location: On the Palmer River, behind stone wall at end of River Oak Road, continuing to the river. BLCT Property #22.

Donation: from Jay Flanagan and John Grosvenor

Conservation easements will be from individual owners of three lots at end of road:

Recorded: Book 198, page 778, Barrington Town Hall

Purpose of donation: Donation Iand to be kept in its natural state, note amendment of easement allowing pedestrian passage for lot owners in the subject subdivision. ”Non-assignable, perpetual right of way”

Conservation easements same as that of Mallard Cove. Land to be kept in its natural state, no alterations of any kind. See document. Permanent stone wall on each of 3 properties marks conservation easement area.

Property description: Donation land is about 2.75 acres, from sewer line to water, partly upland and partly marsh. Oak woodland. Also, Conservation easements: oak woodland, owned in fee by 3 properties at end of River Oak Road.

Management: Land to be left undisturbed. Regular checking will be necessary to see that right of way easement is not abused. and that easements behind stone wall are not abused. Note that it is only for pedestrians, no boats, etc.