Location: on Palmer River, off to right at end of Orchard Avenue. BLCT Property #45.

Tax Assessor’s Plat : #28, Lot#47

Document:Book #326, Page 297

Acquisition: Donation of South County Hospital

Purpose of Donation: Land to be kept in its “open, natural and undeveloped condition”

Management: Regular bi-yearly checks for litter and debris on shoreline; a neighbor, Ken D’Allesandro, has kept an eye on the land for some time (at time of donation), and will continue to if we wish it. We should keep in touch with him (lives across street from part of land on Orchard Ave.). Dumping of lawn debris from neighbors bears watching, and brochures should be left with them. Most of marsh grass is Phragmites, and “ell” onto street is mown grass. It is acceptable for D’Allesandro to continue mowing it, since it is more in keeping with lots on street.

In 1999 the Land Trust paid for a dangerously leaning tree to be removed. Metal tags in street mark boundaries.