Location: On the westerly side of Edwin Street between Bay Spring Avenue and Woodbine Avenue. Tax Assessor’s Plat #1, Lot #87. BLCT Property #6.

Conservation Easement: 4/1/85 by Nancy W. Van Nostrand

Document: in the Barrington Town Hall, Book 152, Page 497

Purpose of acquisition: To preserve the scenic and open condition of the land. No structures, fences, etc. No filling or dumping other alteration

Property description: 1,300 square feet of high grassed land overlooking Bullock Cove. A mature tree and yucca plants are the only other vegetation. A retaining wall on the water side rises about 10 feet from the water’s edge. Spartina alterniflora grows on the water’s edge below.

Management: At present (1987) the grass is kept mowed as part of a strip of similar lots. The retaining wall should be checked from time to time. Chances are the neighbors will continue to mow the strip and maintain the wall.