Location: At the end of Preston Drive, at Smith Cove; land lies ahead and to the right behind house # 23. Access is through lot #23. Probably a good idea to ask permission. BLCT Property #73.

Tax Assessor’s Flat # 26, Lot #268

Donation: 12/31/85 by Ernest B. Lowe, Jr. and his wife Patricia

Document: in the Barrington Town Hall, Book 157, Pages 563-4

Purpose of acquisition: To preserve the, natural environment of the marsh

Property description: Just over 3 acres of marshland, bordering on the creek that leads into Smiths Cove. Most is high marsh, except along the tidal creek and ditches, where Spartina alterniflora grows. Plants on the high marsh include Juncus, Beach grasses, Distichlis spicata, Salicornia, and along the high tide line, Iva frutescens. There is growth of Phragmites along the property line to the East (also BLcT property).

Wildlife seen here:

The view is across Smiths Cove to the site of Massasoit Spring.

Management: The marsh should ‘be left in its natural state. In 1980’s and 1990’s some experiments were conducted by Brown University on types of grasses that will grow in various places in a salt marsh .This should be monitored to assure that alteration does not occur; it should be terminated if there is any questions The east property line should be watched for dumping. No duck blinds or other structures are allowed.