An astonishing 42 diamondback terrapin hatchlings were released from the nesting ground at the land trust’s Doug Rayner Wildlife Preserve at Nockum Hill Saturday.

To date, 330 hatchlings have been released, most in August. Volunteers have already signed up through September for the daily check-in of the excluders and releasing the newborns.

Butch Lombardi, Cyndy Lombardi and Maggie Faulkner examine the common excluder on August 25.

The Rayner Refuge is the only managed and established turtle nesting ground for the diamondback terrapin in Rhode Island. The diamondback terrapin is listed as state endangered and protected.

The refuge is open to the public most of the year. For more information about diamondback terrapins and how to see them at the refuge, click here, and e-mail Charlotte Sornborger at Watch the video here.