The BLCT is grateful for work done by Chris and Tommy Clegg, as well as the Clegg family, for volunteering their time to maintain the Doug Rayner Wildlife Refuge. Most recently, Chris and Tommy removed four large stumps from the sandpit where the diamondback terrapin nest. They also harrowed and tilled the area, turning under the weeds and other growth from the past two years.

“Their work will significantly improve the prime area for nesting terrapin,” said Pete McCalmont, a BLCT land steward. “Their interest in the terrapin project and their willingness to offer their time and equipment are greatly appreciated. What a marvelous job they did.”

The 83-acre Rayner Refuge is home to Rhode Island’s only diamondback terrapin nesting site. Since 1990, the BLCT has lead the Terrapin Project to track and protect the annual nesting and hatchling release.

The refuge is located near 4 Town Farm and is open all year to the public.