The Barrington Land Conservation Trust is sponsoring a Diamondback Terrapin Walk on Saturday, June 9th at 11:00AM at the Rayner Refuge at Nockum Hill.  Come join us and see where the nesting Diamondback Terrapin come every year to lay their eggs.

The BLCT has conducted research on Barrington’s population of Diamondback Terrapin since 1990. Terrapin are aquatic turtles that live in estuaries; adult females emerge each spring to lay eggs in the sandy soils adjacent to our tidal rivers. Barrington has the only numerically significant population of Terrapin in Rhode Island. Research activities include capturing and marking nesting females, monitoring nest success, and relocating selected nests to a predator-guarded hatching area.

The walk will begin at 11AM at the entrance to the Rayner Refuge at Nockum Hill (Take New Meadow Road north into Massachusetts. Before reaching Four Town Farm, George Street will be the first road on your left.)  Please wear tick spray.