The Barrington Town Council voted in February 2022 to preserve a “paper road” that provides access to the Town’s undeveloped 32-acre property, Tall Cedars. The Barrington Land Conservation Trust spoke in favor of this decision.

This strip of land may be an important corridor for wildlife. When open space becomes fragmented, it becomes more difficult for animals to forage and find food.

What is a Paper Road?

Paper roads are undeveloped parcels of land which can appear on maps but were never paved. They are generally located at the end of or between existing roads.

Paper roads exist throughout our town. Most are unmarked. In Barrington, they are public property owned by the Town for use by its citizens and provide rights of way. The Town Council has authority on whether to protect or abandon our paper roads.

They are a valuable resource for our community and wildlife. Some, like the Smith Street dead end near Tall Cedars, provide public conduits to naturally preserved land or waterfront, something our Town had publicly endorsed as part of its commitment to protecting open space.

The Barrington Land and Conservation Trust believes these paper roads serve an important public and environmental purpose and recommends against abandoning them to private owners or entities. The Barrington Land Conservation Trust will continue to work with the Town and its committees to protect these and other natural resources.

We rely on charitable contributions and volunteer support to protect wild places and acquire open space at it becomes available.

Help us protect open space.