Location: adjacent to Johannis Farm Wildlife Preserve. BLCT Property #42.

Tax Assessor’s Plat : #31, Lot #part of 383

Document: Book #301, Page #94, Barrington Town Hall

Acquisition: Donation from Robert Johannis, William Johannis, Jr. and Barbara Wroten

Purpose of donation: Addition to Johannis Farm Wildlife Preserve; land to be kept in its natural state, except for parking; access from Sowams Road via right of way driveway of house to be built to north of this lot.

Property description: overgrown field

Management: To be managed in conjunction with Johannis Farm Wildlife Preserve, but not subject to D.E.M. conservation easement restrictions. As of 1996, parts of this lot may be kept as a field, but regular mowing has not yet been arranged. Area for parking and trail must be kept clear.

Listing of Plants and Wildlife: Bayberry, Multiflora Rose, Sweetfern, Oak, various pines