Plat 30, Lot 179. Donated October 2007 by Helen LaFrancois. BLCT Property #67.

Location: This approximately half acre lot is located at the end of Columbus Avenue and borders directly on the Palmer River. It is not currently accessible to the public.
This land has a number of highly desirable conservation features. It is part of a corridor of forested wetland and saltmarsh that borders the Palmer River. It is an integral part of the river’s ecosystem, has significant wildlife habitat value, and is key to efforts to improve and protect water quality in the river.
This area has long been a priority for the Trust, which has been able to acquire ownership of, or easements on, several other lots in the vicinity. The Trust’s goal is to ultimately protect a continuous corridor of protected land and marsh along the river.

Donation: 2007 by Helen LaFrancois