LocationOn the Palmer River, behind 73A Sowams Road. Access via Palmer  Street at end of Lillis Avenue. BLCT Property #10.

Donation: from Barbara and Edwin S. Barton, Jr. 12/19/87

Recorded: Book 168, Page L141, Barrington Town Hall

Purpose of donation: Land given to be kept in its natural state This land belonged to Harold N. Gibbs, father of Mrs. Barton. He was a well-known naturalist.

Property description: About 1 1/3 acres of land, from sloping meadow-thicket to wet meadow and marsh. There are 2 mature shag­bark hickories planted by Mr. Gibbs at west end. Upland is largely a tangle of black cherries, red cedars and bittersweet vine. Lower meadow includes shadbush, bayberry, multifora rose, blueberry, tupelo, red maple, arrowwood and some Phragmites which has grown up along the sewer line. Signs of pheasant and rabbit and a variety of songbirds. On the marsh are a few remains of a marine biological laboratory maintained by Mr. Gibbs, who bred and raised quahaugs as a research project for Campbell Soup Company.

Management: Inspection to check for dumping. Maintain a relationship with neighbors to prevent this. Yearly cleanup along the marsh edge, and frequent pulling down of bittersweet vines.