Location: 2 1/2 acres upland, adjacent to PIC-WIL Nature Preserve, on Washington Road

Tax Assessor’s Map: Plat #5, Lot 67

Document found: Barrington Town Hall, Book 439, Pages 265-279

Acquisition: donated by Catherine Picerelli

Purpose of donation: This is an addition to the PIC-WIL Nature Preserve. Note that there is a CONSERVATION EASEMENT held by the Audubon Society of Rhode Island on this 2 1/2 piece.

Management: In fall 1999, the building on the parcel was removed. In summer 1999 an Eagle Scout project led by Andrew Prevedi cleared a considerable amount of trash from the parcel. In summer 2000 native grasses were planted; mowing should be about every 2 years in the late fall.

Future activities on the land should not be conducted without first consulting the conservation easement. Any changes or questions should be referred to the Audubon Society of Rhode Island, Properties Manager.