Location: At the end of Deep Meadow Road, off New Meadow at Hundred Acre Cove. Access directly at end of cul-de-sac.

Tax Assessor’s Plat #36, Lot #

Donation: 4/89 by Deep Meadow Development Corporation, Michael Siino, Vice-president.

Documents: Quitclaim deed, book 189, page 580 partial release of Mortgage in book 189, page 583,4

Purpose of donation: to keep land in its natural state, free from any alteration, and most particularly to prevent erosion or any disturbance to the bluff, which provides significant protection to the wildlife of Hundred Acre Cove, a pristine marsh holding statewide significance

Property description: 2 acres of upland, primarily white pine and oak stand. Ground pine, highbush blueberry, lady’s slippers, white swamp azalea (R. viscosum)

Management: Land to be left undisturbed. Neighborhood contact should be established and periodically maintained to keep area from any abuse in the form of litter or vehicle use. Regular monitoring advisable by stewardship committee.

Map of trails