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Sowams Woods (#64) – Extensive trails in our latest acquisition. Explore trails bordering Echo Lake and vernal pools; look for great horned owls around dusk.

Rayner Refuge (#63) – 100 Acre Cove views; grassland, oak forest & coastal trails.

St. Andrew’s Farm (#69) – Gentle rolling hills perfect for sledding or kite flying; explore a red maple swamp.

Little Mussachuck Creek (#2) – Trail to sandy beach; shells, sunsets & birds to see.

Allin’s Cove (#32) – Stroll the beach; watch the tidal inlet.

Tall Cedars (#31) – A creek runs through this red maple swamp; for a longer walk, combine with St. Andrew’s or Haines Park trails.

Andreozzi Nature Preserve (#7) – Short creek-side trail with bridge overlooking the East Bay Bike Path