Students from Roger Williams University planted shrubs and small trees in Allin’s Cove on Oct. 27.

Restoration of Allin’s Cove has been going on since 1959 when material collected from dredging in nearby Bullock Cove was dumped into the saltwater estuary.

In the latest project, nearly 20 volunteers, including several students from Roger Williams University, joined residents and BLCT members to plant shrubs and small trees to shore up an eroding bank of the cove. Wenley Ferguson, restoration coordinator for Save The Bay, facilitated the outing. Wenley has been coordinating a multi-year project with several agencies.

Over the years, a reinforced sand spit has been built, along with plantings of beach grass and the installation of natural-material embankments.

On Oct. 27, some 300 plants, such as switch grass, native rose and cedar trees we planted to help reinforce a deteriorating bank on Byway Road. All of the plants were chosen for their deep roots to help retain soil. Allin’s Cove is located between the eastern end of the Bay Springs neighborhood and Alfred Drowne Road.

Thanks to all volunteers and other supporters, including the Department of Public Works: Jedd Sullivan, Joanne Duval, Saundy Patrick, Sam Parker, Pandora Wadsworth, Caitlin Averill, Peter Cerilli, Patti Cerilli, April Thibaudeau, Julia Ciancioio, Brenna Tomar, Carol Dorros,Sidney Skurkarch, Susan Hoagland, Teddy Kurkoski, Tim FaulknerSandra Wyatt.